About Me

Hi and welcome! 

I am Leigh, the owner of, and Transformational Change Coach, here at Transform Like Butterflies and the creator of Music Soul Journaling the unique Music Therapy launched in April 2019. 

After my own lengthy battle with depression post the birth of my daughter; feeling emotionally overwhelmed, under stress and self-sabotaging many of my relationships. I made it my mission to find a solution to self-heal and live a healthy harmonious life. 

That is when I discovered energy healing transformational therapies which worked simply and effectively. I now know how practising these techniques can help to develop a nurturing environment within a person, making their mind and body work in harmony and how to release overwhelm, physical or emotional pain, memories, traumatic experiences, that all contribute to unhealthy relationships with yourself and others. I thankfully no longer suffer the symptoms of depression using these techniques, which feels truly life changing. 

This is when it struck me that I had another purpose in life to fulfil. So, I invested in all the necessary training and certifications to become a transformational change expert in order to found, Transform Like Butterflies. I had the privilege to train directly with all of the creators of the transformational change therapies that I now offer at my company.

To be able to create transformational change around the globe helping people with their mental health and wellbeing issues, just by living my passion and purpose is a truly awesome & rewarding job.