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Energy Alignment
Leigh Beeby

What is Energy Alignment? 

Energy Alignment is a transformational self help technique that helps to release core & limiting beliefs, patterns and much more, that no longer serve you. It is specifically designed for those looking for a practical way to change your life. Using Energy Alignment techniques allows you to easily tune into your own energy and get clarity on the underlying issue. Which means you discover what is really holding you back. Like Music Soul Journaling - Music Therapy, by Using Energy Alignment techniques you can let go of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression to heal relationships with yourself and others. It is an Energy healing Psychology process designed to get you living the Law Of Attraction. Some days it can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world. 

Aligning your energy can also help you to release fear, blame, overwhelm, stress and repetitive thoughts or beliefs. Once you release what held you back, you then choose to create and embody a new feeling, thought, belief, pattern or emotion.  As you start to tune in and master your own energy with this technique, you’ll feel more empowered, able to change what you think and how you feel. As the effects ripple out you’ll create more harmony in your relationships, and experience more love, happiness, joy and freedom in your everyday life.


Energy Alignment is a powerful technique which can empower you to create more positive energy, and transform what you think and feel so you can change your life and be free. We use a method known as ‘The Sway’ to tap into our conscious and unconscious energy to find the real source of what holds us back.

#1 = YOU ASK Ask ourselves simple yet powerful questions to identify the real resistance.

#2 = YOU MOVE Your body and energy will respond.

#3 = YOU EXPERIENCE We assess how you are experiencing that resistance right now.

#4 = YOU TRANSFORM Following a powerful formula we change the resistant energy, thought or belief.

#5 = YOU MANIFEST Your energy is now ready to create or manifest anything you choose. A new situation, scenario, belief, emotions or way of being.