Client Testimonials - Transform Like Butterflies


Kirsty Jones - Bognor Regis, UK

Leigh has been working with me and my teenage daughter to help us both work through some emotions that are affecting us in different ways. I felt so much emotional relief after my session with Leigh and I have also been able to let go of a lot of blame that I have carried with me as a mother for a long time. I can’t speak for how this is helping my daughter but I know she felt empowered after her session and this has been demonstrated through some of the positive responses she has had to some difficult experiences. I would thoroughly recommend Leigh in supporting and enabling you to release negative emotions that are potentially controlling you and preventing you from moving forward. Thank you so much Leigh x

Lauren Ditton - Arundel, UK

Before working with Leigh at Transform Like Butterflies, I was afraid I was financially committing to something that was an "extra", and not a "necessity" in my life. But boy, was I wrong! Leigh has helped me take all of the clutter of dreams, to-do lists, and obligations swirling around in my head and prioritise, strategise, and ultimately - pursue my dreams! Investing in Leigh has meant going from saying "I'm too stressed to become..." to confidently saying "I am".

To anyone hesitant to jump on board with life coaching, I say: just do it! Your life, career, and all your relationships can only improve by working with someone whose only agenda is your own agenda. Your struggles are her struggles, as well as your successes are her successes. It is amazing how implementing small changes in my schedule suggested by Leigh has made giant changes - for the better!

The biggest change I've experienced as a result of working with Leigh is the change in all my relationships and how better connected I feel with myself. My perspective on life and my relationships are far more healthy, balanced and happier. Doing my timeline with Leigh helped me identify patterns of thoughts and behaviours that had become my stumbling blocks in life. 

David Moreton - New York, USA

Working with Leigh catapulted me into a different realm of thinking.  I had never participated in any type of life coaching session before, so I wasn't sure how effective it would be for me. I didn't realise how powerful positive thinking and journaling can be. 

During our sessions, I began to see changes in my life. Things that I desired were starting to come to fruition.  I learned that the energy that I put out has a direct correlation to the energy that I will receive.  

My experience with Leigh at Transform Like Butterflies was her coaching and Matrix Reimprinting expertise was a strong foundation for the healthy mental habits that I now practice.  I have learned that everything is connected to our minds, and that the mind has the power to unleash anything that you desire.  I have continued to incorporate positive readings and affirmations in my life, and it's been explosive!  

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Leigh.  The experience has been and will continue to be instrumental in the trajectory of my life's aspirations. Thank you,

Louise Farrell - Vancouver, Canada

Working with Leigh at Transform Like Butterflies was exactly what I needed to help navigate my unbalanced life. Leigh is supportive, Knowledgable, compassionate and her techniques set me back on the right path in my life. The life coaching sessions were really easy over Zoom too. 

Ruth Dollen - Staffordshire, UK

Leigh has an amazing talent and energy which captures and guides you to a positive and peaceful place. Her style is so engaging and I am already feeling big shifts, reflecting on the work week we completed I feel so positive that we identified the root to my issues and let go of these which gives me space and a clear mindset to be in harmony and at peace.
I have booked additional sessions with Leigh and thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend her, you will not regret it.
Thank you Leigh xx

Tara Yates - Sydney, Australia

Leigh was there for me when I felt no one else was. She supported me through some tough times and helped me feel thatI had worth. Leigh is amazing. Supportive. Non judgmental. Genuinely wants the best for her clients. Thank you Leigh. You made a difference for me.

Client Testimonials - MUSIC SOUL JOURNALING

Music Soul Journaling
Music Therapy
Holistic Therapy
Leigh Beeby
Life Coach

Liz Barton - United Kingdom


"My teenage daughter has had anxiety from a young age and it was starting to get worse with her graduation and exams getting closer but we could never pinpoint why. We were skeptical that this therapy would work but now a true believer. This technique highlighted that she was carrying “fear of the future” from a minor car crash when she was 7yrs. She is now feeling a lot calmer about things going on in her life daily. Thank you!"

James Doughety - United States


“I have been repeating the same toxic relationship patterns for the past few years, and I was feeling quite depressed. Music Soul Journaling enabled me to see I was suffering low-self esteem and low self-worth since my parents divorced at the age of 5yrs old. I feel invigorated and confident I will meet the right girl now."

Stephanie Jones - United States


"This helped me to see how far I have come since my husband’s suicide many years ago, where I was left alone with our 9-month baby. I still had lots of fear and sadness suppressed and after following all the steps I now finally feel free, lighter, joyful, and excitement about the future."

Sarah Donnington - Canada


"I have been carrying the feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm from a situation that happened over 10yrs ago. Where the ex that I lived with at the time, told me he was leaving me for someone else. I had no idea I was still worrying constantly that the same thing would happen in every relationship since. I now have a renewed sense of strength, confidence and trust thanks to Music Soul Journaling."

Phillip Davies - Australia


"I have suffered with overwhelm and anxiety for about 15 years, especially in my job. I was at the the end of my tether with managing it, but didn't want to be on medication. I never thought something this simple and affordable would help me but it did. I can not thank you enough."

Chris Stirling - United Kingdom


"My sister has suffered from depression in the past and still has lots of low mood fluctuations. Music Soul Journaling has helped me to understand her and myself much better. It has helped to strengthen our relationship as I had held onto negative feelings towards her for many years unconsciously."